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Kawaii Sharing Insta x TikTok Inspo

Kawaii Sharing Insta x TikTok Inspo

Kawaii Sharing Insta x TikTok Inspo

We love all our followers on Instagram & TikTok and we're so happy when you share your orders! We love sharing too!

Be inspired today by our creative friends on Instagram and TikTok with a few videos & images of what people have shared this spring, including some of our own.

The Bowl Makes all the Difference 🐱

@WONDERCATX LOVES all things Cat Themed and loves a natural coloured aesthetic with browns and beige tones, so it made sense for her to have this Adorable Kawaii Neko Ramen Bowl.

@wondercatx_ Neko bowl unboxing 🍜 . Ainda não sabendo lidar com essa fofura 🤧@thekawaiishoppu ..#kawaiigamer #neko #cat #nyanko#kawaiidesk #kawaiistuff #asmr #asmrunboxing #kawaiifood #ramen #ramennoodles #ramennoodle #japanesefood #cookingathome #kawaii #cutefood #ramenbowl #noodlebowl #asmrnoodles #asmrfood #asmrcooking #calico ♬ You`re Far Away - Tollan Kim

Kawaii Picnic Time with @seren_ade 🌸

Now that the weather in the UK is warming up, @SEREN_ADE Packs her new Sakura Snack Box for her first Kawaii Picnic of the year!

@seren_ade Sakura themed snack box! #asmr #asmrsounds #aesthetic #kawaii #kawaiiaesthetic #sakura #pinkaesthetic #cherryblossom #cute #sanrio #hellokitty ♬ stardew valley overture - demon gummies

Take your Bubble Tea Home 🧃

Do you follow US on Insta and TikTok? Now the weather is warming up its time to get out and explore the fun drinks on offer in your local area! Do you have a Bubble tea cafe in your town? If not why not start your own? If you do manage to find some Boba Tea - Remember to bring with you a small leak proof bottle to take any home in your bag that you can't finish. This will help to free up your hands.

@thekawaiishoppu Take your boba home 🧋 #bobatea #bubbletea #waterbottle ♬ original sound - thekawaiishoppu


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