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Our Story

Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time out your busy day to read our story!

The Kawaii Shoppu is an international Kawaii Homewares, Accessories & Fashion Brand that is dedicated to "Focusing on the little things, Delivering cute" to Kawaii lovers across the globe.

The Kawaii Shoppu sells cute items such as Kawaii Homewares, Pastel Fashion, Kawaii Stationery and the Cutest Accessories that make perfect gifts for friends or treats for yourself!

We are proud to ship worldwide to most countries like USA, UK, EU, AU, BR, and much more with a 100% Cuteness Guarantee on every order.

Why Kawaii?

Cute "Kawaii" items can bring real harmony to peoples lives. Many people are super sensitive to the world around them, and the world we live in can be harsh! Sometimes making things cute can take the edge off of the ever confusing world that we live in....

Did you know that many love to browse the site just for the look, feel, and images! This really makes us smile! 

With this in mind, The Kawaii Shoppu was created in 2018 by a Kawaii Loving Mama, who with the inspiration of her child to rekindle her love for all things cute, wanted to share this feeling with the world, (and to support her small family).

Since opening we are proud to say we have not only been able to improve and expand our services internationally, but also contributed to some charities to whom we feel strongly supportive of. We could not have done that without your help. If you have any ideas of how we can spread more kawaii love across the globe, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Where do you ship from and how long will it take for my package to arrive?

  • We source products from across East Asia and provide International shipping from our amazing team in our warehouse in beautiful Zhejiang, China, and depending on where you live in the world, shipping times are usually from 10-28 Working Days..
  • For more details about shipping, pricing and deliveries please see Our Shipping Policy.

Meanwhile, if you love to discover new Kawaii items then follow us on Instagram @thekawaiishoppu, sign up to our newsletters and join the community! Kawaii is for EVERYONE no matter what and we intend to keep sharing the joy as far as the internet allows us to =^.^=

Stay Kawaii,
xoxoxox The Kawaii Shoppu Team xoxoxoxox

Focusing on the little things, delivering cute! 

We now ship Kawaii Packages to thousands of Kawaii Fans across the globe in almost every country in the world! We offer tracking door to door too! For more information on shipping see our shipping policy.