Fall Vibes Inspired by You

Fall Vibes Inspired by You

Fall Vibes Inspired by You

Be inspired today by our Kawaii creative friends on Instagram and TikTok with a few videos & images of what people have shared this September, to give you some Kawaii Autumn and study time inspiration...

Blue aesthetic for calm vibes while you study, work or game... 💙🌧

@doktoradreamer's colour is blue, blue, blue and aside from being a beautiful sight to see, the colour blue is a very calming and fun colour to help you to relax and chill while you study!

Here she shares her Kawaii Miffy Fan and Foldable Keyboard!


Get ready for a Kawaii Fall with Autumnal Colours! 🥮🍁🌱✨🌙

@cozyleafs Kawaii set up is such a beautiful tone of browns we just had to share! Here she is sharing her new Kawaii Bear Bouquet, a perfect gift for a friend or loved one who loves Kawaii! 🐻 


Get your study on in true Kawaii Style! 🌱✨🌸

Is work getting a little monotonous? Having cute stuff on your desk really does enhance your mood and change the way you feel while you're hard at work! Our Kitty Keyboard is a best seller and @10eegaming got hers in Purple! The purple and green tones fit her set up perfectly. It's also available in Milk Tea colour and Pink! 


Focus on your essentials and take it easy...

 @_enwonie shares her newly reorganised desk and is glad that the week is over! She uses our Transparent Acrylic Holder to hold her iPad! What do you think?


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