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How to stay warm, cosy & cute this spring!

How to stay warm, cosy & cute this spring!

Although winter is coming to an end, the cold and crisp weather can still very much in full force. With darker evenings and colder temperatures still lingering, here are some ways you can stay cosy, cute, and productive as spring creeps closer!

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Fleece Hoodies

The popularity of fleecy sherpa hoodies has been on the rise since more people began working and studying from home. These soft and snuggly hoodies are like being able to stay in bed wherever you go, they are uber baggy for comfort and are perfect for days at home when you want to relax. 


Soft slippers and snow boots

Keeping your feet warm and cosy is the best way to beat the winter weather, by warming up your feet it helps your body regulate its temperature and gives your body a better chance of staying healthy against seasonal viruses! This is why slipper socks and fluffy boots are a key player for you this winter and spring, and luckily there are a tonne of cute options to suit any outfit!

kawaii snow boots fluffy shoes white ugg boots kawaii cow slippers
cute-fluffy-kawaii-slippers-bunny cozy-winter-thick-aesthetic-socks


Hand warmers 

A more recent and easily available option for those needing to warm up their mitts are electric hand warmers. Unlike their predecessors which required you to cause a chemical reaction and then reboil them if you needed to use them later, these only require charging. These electric hand warmers heat up fast and allow you to carry them easily around with you. They also make a great on-desk item if you find yourself with chilly fingers during long sessions of gaming or office work. 

cat-cat-paw-cute-hand-warmer miffy-egg-winter-hand-warmer

The perfect bowls for hot food

Whether you’re a fan of hot morning porridge or warm soups, you absolutely need bowls with handles. Having a bowl with handles sounds pretty unextraordinary but it makes a huge difference when dishing up and carrying hot food to your spot of choice, you can carry things without the fear of burning your fingers or potentially spilling the contents. 

bunny-plate-stainless-steel-ramen-bowl cat-time-ramen-bowl-with-lid

Warm clothing accessories 

It's easy to forget how cold it is outside after being indoors in the warm. However, it's important to remember to bring your scarves, hats, and gloves during a cold snap. Keeping these parts of your body warm allows you to greatly improve your body temperature and block off the wind. 

warm-fluffy-cat-ear-winter-hat fluffy-cat-paw-gloves
3-in-1-fluffy-bunny-gloves-scarf-hat kawaii-teddy-bear-winter-hoodie-hat-w-mask
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