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Essential Back to School Supplies

Essential Back to School Supplies

Essential Back to School Supplies

It's that time again when schools are restarting after a long summer break and all of us (even those who aren’t in school) get excited about reorganising our life with new stationary and planners. There's something especially cathartic about getting fresh supplies to get creative with and take with you day to day, like a stationary spring clean. So here is a list of a few cute and practical things to start your new creative streak off the right way!


Firstly you have to kit yourself out with a bag, and back to school is the perfect excuse for anyone to treat themselves to a new & practical accessory!

Some of our recommendations: 

  • Ita bags - These are a great option for people that want to customise their bag to reflect their hobbies and favourite characters/shows.
  • randoseru backpack/satchel - Satchels and randoseru bags are a great option for anyone wanting a cute but sturdy way to carry their day to day essentials. Attaching keychains to zippers and loops also help liven it up!
  • Plushie backpack - Plushie backpacks are a great choice for days when you can travel light and want to liven up an outfit!

♥︎ Click the images to see more!

Pink Sakura Kawaii Anime Japanese Crossbody Hand baglarge kawaii school bag ruck sack with lots of pockets laptop sleevepreppy japanese anime style kawaii school bag book leather bookbagbunny ears backpack stars moon kawaii bag 


Cute pencil cases

A staple piece of your backpack or desk space is a pencil case, it's the backbone of any back to school set up. There are a million and one different designs of pencil cases to choose from, anything from a super fluffy poodle case to a neo-traditional tin. But which kind is the best? Here's a mini list of different kinds of pencil cases and their pro’s and con’s (according to us)!

  • Fluffy fabric pencil case:

Pros - Super cute, nice texture, usually lightweight

Cons - Can get dirty and matted, can rip 

  • Tin & plastic pencil cases:

Pros - Easy to clean, sturdy, streamlined

Cons - Can get scratched, loud, can be weighty

  • Fabric pencil case:

Pros - Lightweight, lots of designs, lots of different fabric choices, can stretch

Cons - Can get stained

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sakura PU leather pencil case kawaii cat pencil caselaser sakura kawaii pencil case kawaii pencil case


Water bottles

Water Bottles are useful anytime, whether you’re out and about or at home. Having a cute water bottle allows you to save the planet, save money on drinks when you’re out of the house, and stay prepared!

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cute waterbottle frosted cherry water bottle baby bear glass reusable water bottle coffee cup sakura kawaii japanese thermos flask water bottle


Lunch boxes & lunch accessories

Lunch boxes are (like water bottles) useful in and out of the home, being a great way to make food at home to bring with you, and store food when you’re chilling out in front of the TV. Mosty modern day lunch boxes have now started to take on the traits and appearance of Japanese bento boxes, with the layered and separated designs being perfect for a varied meal. Finding a cute lunch box is easier than ever, and if you do decide to get cute new Tupperwares then make sure to check out what accessories can go with it! 

♥︎ Click the images to see more!

mini sauce bottle for bento box mini snack bento box kids kawaii bento box pastel chopsticks

Makeup/sanitary bag:

Something that often gets neglected is the importance of a lil pouch or makeup bag. This little item is an essential part of a well rounded kit. Whatever you put in these pouches is up to you but they always come in handy in anyone's bag! You can find these pouches in all shapes, sizes, and designs.

Heres some ideas of what to use them for:

Hygiene & sanitary items - Throughout the day our bodies can take a kicking, and sometimes an extra spritz of deodorant or perfume can help us feel confident. The same applies with sanitary products, having a pouch you can discreetly take with you and use for those necessary bathroom check in’s can make the process less stressful and easier to prepare for. 

Makeup & skincare - If you’re someone who wears makeup then likely you may already have a makeup and that's in need of some TLC. Even if you’re not a makeup enthusiast, having face wipes and moisturiser on you whilst you’re out can help you feel fresher.

Medication - If you’re someone who has to take medication or who likes to keep pain/relief with them ,then having a pouch to safely store it can help stop any damage or loss.

Tech - USB’s, chargers, headphones, and pretty much anything else you might use throughout your working day can get bashed up and dirty when floating around loose in your bag. Having a tech pouch to keep them all together and clean is really handy and allows you to keep track of it all.

♥︎ Click the images to see more!

kawaii bag pencil case transparent kawaii make up bag

And lastly here is a little list of things we recommend you consider when repacking your work/school bag this month!

  • Bag
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Bits and bobs pouch
  • Lanyard
  • Water bottle
  • Wallet
  • Lunchbox

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Written by: @addyharajuku 11.09.2021

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