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How does Japan celebrate Halloween Blog at The Kawaii Shoppu

How does Japan celebrate Halloween?

Halloween has become a globally loved holiday where people get to dress up and decorate their homes with candles and gourds. In the west Halloween is typically celebrated through activities like trick or treating for young people, or for the adults, through parties. In a similar fashion, Japan also likes to take part in the spooky festivities with its celebrations and merchandising!

Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival

How Japan Celebrates Halloween Cosplay

One of the coolest and largest communal halloween celebrations in Japan is the Ikebukuro halloween cosplay festival, where tens of thousands of Japanese residents congregate in costume and have fun. The festival is very visually striking, with tonnes of anime characters from every genre in one place and mingling. Throughout the two day event you can encounter performances and enjoy the countless opportunities to meet your favorite character. 

Although many members of the non-participating public watch and enjoy at a distance, typically this is a festival for adults to socialise in costume and party.

Themed food & drinks

Picture courtesy Starbucks Japan

Just like their themed food during the cherry blossom season, Japan also rolls out the same treatment for Halloween! 

Chain restaurants and cafes in Japan such as Starbucks will bring out Halloween themed food and merchandise. Similar to how we have our yearly pumpkin spice and gingerbread coffee’s in the west, Japan also takes this as a chance to choose seasonally appropriate flavours and colours. Warm and indulgent flavours such as sweet apples, dark chocolate, caramel, and dark berries are commonplace. The merchandise released alongside these snacks also take on really visually heavy theming, with pumpkins and black cats being a reoccurring staple for their mugs and bottles. 


Theme parks

Sanrio Theme Park Japan Kawaii Halloween
Picture Courtesy of Sanrio Japan

Over Halloween Japanese theme parks get a spooky glowup, with new merchandise coming out and mascot characters receiving a new themed look. Puroland is a great example of this.

At Puroland, Halloween celebrations run for around 2 months (typically starting early September and running till early/mid November), during this period they do exclusive yearly merchandise that's only available at the park. This merchandise gets a redesign each year so if fans want to obtain something from the event, they only have a limited time to do so.

The mascots at Puroland also get new outfits every year that reflect the theme of the merchandise, with this year's theme being a masquerade feel. Going to theme parks during this season lets you enjoy themed photo-ops and gives you the opportunity to obtain limited edition merchandise. 

Sanrio Halloween Japan

 Picture Courtesy of Sanrio Japan

Although many will not get to celebrate Halloween in Japan this year, here's a few ways to bring the fun to you!

  • Meet up with friends in cosplay and take fun halloween themed photos
  • Decorate a pumpkin as your favourite anime/cartoon character 
  • Try your hand at making homemade iced coffee with fun flavours and decorations.
  • Halloween designed baked goods
  • Dress up your plushies in halloween decorations 
  • Go to a pottery decorating shop and create your own Halloween themed crockery

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